Our Services 

We have a hands-on approach and we like to work very closely with our clients, in a flexible and creative way, providing a full range of services, from diagnose to implementation and evaluation. We start by analyzing the existing situation and context, we identify strategic potential, generate ideas, develop strategies, propose multiple options and last, but not least, we manage the implementation on the agreed solution.

 Our target is to help our clients stay competitive, as well as increase their profitability and effectiveness on the market. 

Our main fields of consulting:

Market Development Strategy

Brand Strategy and Management

International Franchising 

Channel Strategy / Sales Concept

Customer Analytics

Sales Management

Supply Chain Management

New Product Development 

We provide a wide range of business solutions:

- market research and analysis

- brand and development strategy

- go-to-market and commercial organization

- strategic consulting services for existing franchised brands as well as those brands looking to franchise 

- business model and business case

- customer analytics

- local/ international lead generation, customer targeting and value proposition

- business development, performance improvement

- sales and key account management, sales process enhancement

- supply chain management

- new product development, supplier qualification services, procurement assistance and B2B matchmaking 

- trade shows support service

A deep understanding of the customer, competition and market represents a competitive advantage for every company. Value-creating entrepreneurial activity is unique to your business and should always be directed towards specific customer needs and the associated customer benefits.

Why choose us


International experience and network

With a wide experience in international business – spreading across two decades – and a broad network of experts and partners, we promise to deliver the best solution that meets your company’s needs. We are constantly updating our skills to stay informed on the latest trends in the field.


Niche expertise and creative problem-solving skills

We have a broad understanding of international markets in the furnishings field, as well as constantly updated insights on each market’s particularities. We took the commitment to invest all our resources and know-how in every project, paying attention to details and specific challenges. With a strong sense of empathy and dedication, we are constantly striving to provide the most creative and efficient solution to each individual company.


Flexibility and expertise, at affordable prices

Hiring senior consultants leads to much lower costs and a more efficient approach. You get the expert services you need, when needed, at fair prices.

We use the latest tools to communicate and share information with our clients. We provide all the necessary tools for remote work, but when you need us on site we’re more than happy to travel to your location.


Personal service from a senior level and ongoing support

Nowadays, it is highly appreciated when all things are done in time and your challenges or opportunities are given an in-depth thinking from a senior perspective. You can count on us long-term and we will to be there for you any time needed.


Commitment and Integrity

We keep our promises and always put our clients’ interests first, while honesty, openness and transparency describe our communication and working style in all the collaboration phases.