We work very closely with a small number of hand-picked producers with decades of experience in manufacturing premium products. Our partners view quality as a top priority, while designing each product with creativity and treating every individual piece as a work of art.


The upholstered furniture items, one important part or our collection, are designed to combine style with supreme comfort. Sofas, chairs and armchairs are handmade from 100% ethically sourced materials, tested for their quality and longevity.


Our furniture pieces – produced from solid wood with premium materials inserts – are the result of a balanced mix of elegance and innovation. The furniture items were inspired by the raw, unprocessed beauty and the vivid spirit of wood, with each piece being unique in structure and color.


Our collections of home furniture and accessories introduce four different and individual interior design styles, all of which include subtle reminders and motifs from the universe of nature, while focusing on authenticity and practicality.


Modern items from various artistic fields such as architecture, interior design or fashion, old photographs and antique illustrations, but most of all nature served as inspiration for the entire concept. A project born out of passion, in which creativity and inspiration from across the globe met solid expertise and know-how. A new perspective on the idea of affordable luxury, adapted to the current fast-paced urban lifestyle, for the contemporary homes around the world.

The stories of our 2023-2024 collection will be introduced soon.


Ridge highlights the beauty of oak wood contrastd with microciment elements.

The collections consists of different decor pieces for living and dining, the sideboards of the collection having an outsatnding design.


Aarde, brings together two different sides of the world - Scandinavia and Japan- in a calming fusion - warm, healthy tones within a perfect setting of simplicity and nature.

We feature here the Japandi trend with a fantastic design of a modular seating system for living and sleeping , for inside and outdoors. We bring the nature inside your homes, but we also offer you the possibility to enjoy the nature in all

Touches of Luxury 

Everyone wants a touch of luxury in her or his home. Discover our Touches of Luxury collection with straight lines furniture pieces that include elements that are elegant, sumptuous and indulgent.
While the fabric, shapes and designs of the modular upholstery are distinctive and comfortable.

Delightful Times 

After a long period of being apart, everyone is looking forward to happy moments with the loved one and holidays' spirit.

Delightful Times brings the warm-cosy atmosphere to every interior, where disctinctive are the furniture pieces in black abanos finish.
While the fabric, shapes and designs of the upholstery are distinctive and comfortable.


By including the luxurious appeal of velvet or velvet like fabrics, we present a surprising mix of bold and elegant pieces. The Chesterfield sofa is one of the most recognizable pieces of furniture in the world and has served as an inspiration for decades. A modern reinterpretation of this famous and timeless design could not miss from our collection.


The Timeless furniture pieces stand out through a superior attention to details, featuring slim and slender silhouettes, in which solid wood is elegantly complemented by high quality glass tops with marble lookalike inserts. This furniture collection displays a beautiful mix of textures, emphasized by a strong contrast between warm and cold natural materials.

Nature Elegance 

Velvet is the fabric most commonly used to infuse your living room with elegance and coziness at the same time. Mixed with this year’s Pantone choice – Classical Blue – velvet gets more depth and becomes more imposing, while providing a nice sense of intimacy.


The Nature Elegance furniture makes you daydream of being in the middle of nature. The collection catches one’s attention with its bold, masculine overall looks and an exquisite selection of statement pieces inspired by the massive oak beams. The natural structure of wood is left exposed for extra authenticity, while the main furniture pieces are embellished by antique brass accents and matching organic legs that draw inspiration directly from tree branches.

Modern Times 

Our chic and elegant upholstered items, including fixed or modular pieces, are perfectly designed for versatility and comfort, without taking up too much floor space. Their light, high quality fabrics and minimalist lines will make your living room look stylish and inviting, leaving plenty of room for decorations and accessories.


Straightforwardly modern, the furniture collection is the meeting point of straight lines and round edges, joining in a playful geometry. The solid wood pieces in oak finish stand out through eye-catching details, such as antique brass inserts, meant to add a drop of glam.

Chill Out 

Chill out on your sofa! Leave all your worries behind! Welcome to an indoor green oasis of coziness and relaxation!

Choose from the ready-made combinations or express your personality through mixing individual modules to fit your exact taste and preferences.


The furniture collection promotes smooth surfaces and rounded shapes, to create an airy and harmonious space. All items are available in either walnut or natural oak finish, both contributing to a relaxing atmosphere and perfectly matching the subtle tropical vibe introduced by the green accents.